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Holiday buns

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Since this is chunks from my everyday life, this blog will definitely bear the imprint of me having vacation at the time being. For the first time in two years I don’t have any homework, and though I love it, it also makes me jump into undiscovered areas of life more or less needing to be discovered by me. Today my only goal was to fetch my bicycle on the other side of town (What an incredibly boring agenda!), so I spiced it up with baking – with flour and everything.

I see a lot of recipes in here, so why not contribute? I made carrot buns.

All you need is:

– Half a rodents dinner for a month
– a chunk of yeast
– What seems like a ton of flour
– some cooking oil
– two times more water, than you need to drink in a day
– and an egg to brush onto your swollen buns

after all is mixed together, it should look like this:

these are halfly baked, so maybe not exactely like this.
Then I put them in the oven for 20 minutes, and tadaaaa, you have a very plausible reason to eat butter, ’cause, you can’t eat warm buns without butter, right?!
Doing this a lot, and you will also get a perfect set of round buns attached to your buttocks. Enjoy!! 🙂
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