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Chicken in beer

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As promised, I post my version of the “Duck in beer” recipe. I had to make the dish before it fell out of my head, but the supermarket only had chicken. So be it, “chicken in beer”.

I bought a package of chicken parts, but I only used the breasts in the recipe. The rest I cooked in the oven, but more of that later. I took the two chic-breasts and fried them shortly on both sides, so it became light brown.
Meanwhile I chopped two onions, three cloves of garlic and half a chili and put it in the pot. Adding salt and pepper before I empty two bottles of beer into the stew. I add a couple of bay leaves and let it cook under a lid for an hour. Before I take a nap, I put the rest of the chicken (four drum sticks) into the oven. They are greased with salt, thyme and lime. They should have about an hour as well.
Just before the hour have elapsed, I prepped a big handful of potatoes and some lentils. They also go into the pot, and are cooked until the potatoes fall off the fork. If the stew is too liquid you can use a little thickening agent in the food. Otherwise it is ready to be served.
Of cause served with cold beer. Enjoy 🙂
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